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Aneroid/Pocket Barometers

Hutchinson Surveying Pocket Barometer
£ 185 $ 255 | € 218   A good quality pocket surveying barometer. A silvered dial with scale from 26 to 31".  A rotating outer bezel concentric altimeter calibrated in feet from 0 to 1000. Engraved to the dial 'HUTCHINSON'S IMPROVED SURVEYING ANEROID' with instructions engraved. A thumb piece to the left hand ...
A Carriage clock barometer combination
£ 975 $ 1346 | € 1132  A French brass cased carriage clock and barometer combination. A circular enamel dial with blued steel hands and filigree decorative centre. A similar design to the barometer dial. A central thermometer and compass to the top. Fluted carrying handle and columns with the original gilding. An 8-day...